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Free no deposit casino bonus codes

There are two ways to play casino games online, the free way and the paid way. The no deposit bonus option is the free way and the way that I begin playing on any new site. It lets me see if I like the company and their games before I deposit a bunch of my own cash. Most online casinos offer some type deposit bonuses because they have a lot of competition and want your business.


Different types of bonuses

There are three different types of bonuses. These are free spins free money and free play. Let’s go into what each one is and the pros and cons of each.
Free spins: Free spins is, pretty much, what it sounds like. You get free spins on the slots games on their site.

Free play: Free play is when they put casino cash into your account and allow you to play for a designated amount of time.

Free money: Free money is when they offer to match or offer even more money, as a sign up bonus, with deposit.

Each type has its own rules and regulations, and these differ from site to site. Some online casinos require that you make a small deposit first, and others don’t. Make sure that you read the fine print, with whichever casino that you decide to try out.

Now the question that most people ask is,” Can you actually win from a free bonus? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding yes. In fact a student from Norway won almost twelve million euros from free spins on Mega Fortune. Can you imagine? How cool would it be to win an absolute fortune, playing with someone else’s money?

How can the online casinos afford to do this? Well, they cannot afford not to. People want to know that there is an actual chance of winning, otherwise what is the point. The casino brings you in with the free bonuses and they know that if they want to keep you, you must have a shot at the big prizes. This is especially true of your bonus time. So, it is definitely worth it to take them up on their free offers.

They are also a ton of fun. I absolutely love watching the slot machines spin. It is just as exciting for me to play at home, as it is in the casinos. More fun actually, because I do not have to worry about looking like an idiot when I jump up and down and scream, when it hits.


Final words

Always play at casinos with good reputations. That is one of my rules. Before I sign up, even for the free spins, play or cash, I always read reviews about the company. You want to make sure that they have a good history of paying out winnings. Believe me, if they don’t, it will be all over the net.

Some of the online casinos, have referral bonuses, as well. This means that when you refer your friends and they make a deposit, you get paid a referral fee. Yep, more free money to gamble with and more chances to win. Also, if you refer your friend and they happen to win, you might get a steak dinner out of it, to boot.

As an online player, I am always looking for the best angles. You start off by finding the companies with the best start up bonuses. You test their system out, using their money and then you put your own in. You, also, look for referral opportunities. The goal is to play with other people’s money, as much as possible, minimizing your own risk and keeping as much cash in your own account. This is common sense.

The casinos know that you are doing this and are willing to offer you as much as possible, so that you will begin gambling with them. You get to try your luck for free and possibly even win, on their dime. You also get to make money by referring others, while having fun from the comfort of your own home.

Who knows you might even be as lucky as that Norwegian student? A few million for a couple of hours of play, would be worth investing a short amount of your time, especially if you are playing with their money. Try it for yourself.