Solutions for Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Vigorelle for WomenFemale sexual dysfunction can be very frustrating, a difficult condition comparable to erectile dysfunction in males. Insufficient sexual responsiveness in women can be a complex issue that can have several causes. Vigorelle has been specifically developed with natural ingredients to increase and enhance the response of a woman’s clitoris and vagina areas to sexual stimulation and, thereby, help to overcome female sexual dysfunction.

An estimated 40% of women in the United States suffer from some degree of sexual dysfunction. Other than emotional or mental factors, there are often physical issues involved in these cases of sexual dysfunction or inadequate sexual response. This condition adversely affects a female’s sexual health, and results in lack of libido, inability to experience sexual pleasure, inadequate vaginal lubrication, all leading to an inability to have an orgasm.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD)

Medically referred to as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD), this condition makes it impossible for women to enjoy sex. Females troubled by FSAD mentally desire the sexual experience, but their sexual organs of clitoris and vagina fail to respond normally to sexual stimulation, making it unpleasant or even difficult to have sexual intercourse. Normally, when men and women get sexually aroused, their genitals become engorged with blood. For women, this causes the clitoris and surrounding tissues to swell (comparable to a male erection), the vagina to secrete lubrication, and a relaxation and widening of the vaginal opening in preparation for sexual intercourse. However, for women troubled by FSAD these normal responses either might not occur at all or, if they do occur, it may be inadequately.

A woman’s sexual health can be impacted by a variety of other health issues. For example, FSAD can result from an underlying medical problem such as hypertension or diabetes. This can also be caused by certain inflammations, infections, and growth in the vaginal area. It can also be an unfavorable physiological reaction to specific contraception procedures.

This condition might likewise be triggered by medications for blood pressure control, peptic ulcers, depression, stress and anxiety, or cancer. Another cause might be a combination of physical, mental and hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy, child birth or breast feeding. In addition, FSAD can be connected to several psychological causes consisting of depression, lack of self-confidence, effect of past sexual assault, worry of pregnancy, inadequate or ineffective foreplay, feelings of shame or guilt about sex, or tension and tiredness.

Solutions for FSAD

For treatment of FSAD, some research studies have has suggested that Viagra could help in treating sexual disorders in some women by helping to increase blood flow and, consequently, increase physical stimulation in the genital region. But, researchers are still awaiting definitive proof that Viagra could in fact work on women. In this context, Vigorelle enhances genital blood flow and vaginal lubrication to improve female response to sexual stimulation.

In the meantime, physicians concentrate on eliminating medications that can negatively impact a lady’s sexual health. Doctors are also evaluating specific contraceptive techniques that could be a possible factor in causing FSAD.

Females who struggle with vaginal dryness are advised to use lubricants prior to having sexual intercourse in order to avoid discomfort. Here again, Vigorelle Cream is an ideal solution, providing a silky and smooth lubrication effect similar to natural vaginal lubrication. Some physicians also advise women to practice Kegel Exercises, a form of workout that strengthens the muscles around the external part of the vagina. These muscles are involved in creating sensations of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Coaching in sexual foreplay along with arousal techniques can likewise contribute to the sexual responsiveness of a woman who experiences FSAD.

An understanding of all these factors by women and their sexual partners can help resolve the difficulties in women experiencing sexual fulfillment. Regular medical consultations and check-ups with their gynecologists will also assist females avoid or resolve discouraging sexual conditions.